Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ethan is finally bruise free

Ethan turned 2 almost a month ago.  During his birthday week, he fell into a wall (yep, that wall just jumped out of nowhere!) and got a bruise on his face. 
Since Ethan is not like Jackson (Mr. Accidentscometomelikemagnets), I waited for the bruise to heal.
Right when I was going to call to make an appointment for pictures (we chose Portrait Innovations for a quick one shot deal) he slipped while I was babysitting, hit the other cheek on a chair and got a bigger bruise!
Well, he was finally bruise free so we went to Village Pointe to make a morning of it.
He was
super cute.
(Yes, I have a scanner and know how to use it.  Yes, I should have rotated.  Just rotate your head and pretend it is a scanned image :))

waiting for the second room to empty in PI.
The kids were so well behaved, even with Mr. Bratty Mc Bratty Pants tormenting them...I did fuss at this random child a few times.  He was just a jerk (knock my kids tower down once, an accident, do it repeatedly when he and I ask you to leave it alone, you become a jerk at the age of 3) and will one day grow up to be a big bully if his mama keeps ignoring him as she was at PI.  I don't care if your have a newborn (asleep) and want to order eleven thousand pictures of the child and her brother (in ugly clothes, btw)...keep an eye on your kid!  At one point I told Mr. Bratty Mc Bratty pants to go give his mom a BIG hug and kiss and to tell her, "Mom, you need to keep an eye on me, I am being mean."  The photographer and I heard him go to his mom and say " I need eyes for mean".  We laughed so hard.
It was a GREAT morning, especially considering that for less then $50 at Ann Taylor Loft (including a $15 credit) I got $380 worth of clothes!  Mostly because I got 3 pairs of skinny jeans (1 for my sister, 2 for me b/c I could not decide which pair fit better) that were normally $80 were on finally clearance for $4.88.  Add in the 40% off everything sale and the $15 credit for my upcoming birthday and their final total price (less taxes) was $2.19 a pair!  Holy cow!

I've never owned these new fangled "skinny jeans" so we will see if muffin top+skinny jeans=vomity moment, or cute with an oversized sweater that attempts to hid muffin top.

Now I need some awesome boots to go with, but that'll have to wait for another day.

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