Friday, December 24, 2010

Baking, Folding Laundry, Vacuuming, and Blogging

Today is Christmas Eve.

Sampling the pretzels for our turtles
If we were in Louisiana, we'd be at my parents for the day, eating good food, visiting with family and friends, and opening family gifts.
But, we aren't. We went "home" our first year in Nebraska and though we had a nice time, found it was just too much, driving between my parents town and Bart's family's town (2 hours).  So, we've stayed in NE during the holidays and have overall enjoyed ourselves, even if we do miss our family...and the massive amounts of GOOD food.
All three boys made the turtles by themselves, from opening ALL those rolo wrappers to placing the pecans on top.  I just put them in and out of the oven.
 So, today, we filled it with things to do:  Delivering a cake to Sarah's house (had to set it up); shopping at Target (not too crowded...Target does a great job of managing the check out lines, which makes life a lot easier), cleaning, baking for tomorrow (hot milk cake {Bart's aunt's recipe}, a cheesecake using this recipe, and "turtles" with rolos), and then tonight we will watch Christmas Vacation and tackle the mountain of laundry that was put off all week because I was working on the cake order. 
While at Target, I bought a new vacuum on sale for less then $12!  How awesome is that?!?!  We need a light weight vacuum to tote up and down 3 sets of stairs, so this stick vacuum by Dirt Devil was perfect!  It sucks great, too!
Tomorrow we will open our presents (Brennan keep making our wake up call earlier and earlier...I told him that I am VETOing his suggestions and saying 8 a.m.), finish cooking Christmas lunch, then enjoy the afternoon with our friends, the Peter's.
Brennan is such a great helper and leader, too.
I think as long as you remember what matters at Christmas:  Christ, it doesn't matter where you are (I'd say or who you are with, but I sure would miss my kids if they weren't with me, and Bart's wrapping skills are so outstanding that there is no way I could miss that), as long as you try to enjoy your day and thank Heavenly Father for sending his only begotten as the greatest gift to mankind.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! Cute post.

PapaJeff said...

We sure missed you today! We had a kind of quiet time, with only Justin, Jeni's family (the girls had been with us all week), and the missionaries. We had a big Joseph Smith's birthday party last evening, though, with about 28 people. There was lots of good food (and lots left over, too), lots of good friends, and lots of good visiting. And it was fairly warm, so most of the kids played outside a good bit. Thanks goodness for our outside lights!

Merry Christmas, and we miss all of you.

Love from Daddy and Mama.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I have a new computer but have not updated my address book so I thought I would stop by and touch base. We had family at our house including the little ones. It has been great to get to know you in 2010. By your doing your assignment regarding feeding the missionaries and contacting me, I have been blessed to get to know you and about your family. I am glad you are also my Visiting Teacher now. --Barb