Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Rest Of The Story

So...sorry to have left you hanging for a few days.
While not having time to write this, the whole thing became less funny to me so now I am bored with it.
It started out as a joke to cheer up a sad friend then she basically DOUBLE DOG DARED me to do it and blog about it.
Well, I couldn't just NOT do it, kwim?
So, I really thought I'd at least say hello to some lonely old wrinkly man sitting in a booth hello but alas, ALL THE WRINKLY OLD MEN WERE WITH WOMEN!  Boo.
However, I am going to tell you instead about the beast of a wrinkled (not wrinkly, which is a cute word, but WRINKLED which is mean and ugly) old goat who was the manager.
He was so rude and sour, I think he tainted the pies just by standing near them.
I won't go into all the details, but when it was time to check out (at a cash register up front, none of that fancy , I paid in pennies, nickels and dimes...exclusively.  Sure, it was just $2.20, but still...he was an old fart and it gave me great pleasure to slowly dig through my massive handful of change to pull it out.  (I knew I threw ALL my change into my purse for a reason.  And God bless Free Pie Wednesday...I got a piece of chocolate silk pie AND a Mr. Peb for $2.20.  Plus the $3 tip I left on the table for our fabulous waitress, Kim.)
So, no cute wrinkly old dudes to say hello to (and a HUGE thank you to Ashley's tips on flirting...y'all should go read them in my comments on the last post, they are fantastic!) but a fun night with nine of my favorite LDS friends in Omaha.

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