Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking for something for Christmas?

Did you know I had an etsy shop? Yep.  Full of bow ties, do it yourself iron on kits (to get the appliqued look w/o the price), appliqued tees, birthday banners, and more!

the boys in their matching halloween bow ties!
And I just listed some bow ties for all the boys in your life!  (Just $5!)  My boys are ADORABLE in them and Brennan told me he got several compliments at church from his.  :)  That boy is so silly, he loves a compliment...I need to get that under wraps before he gets a big head!

jack had just injured his face in the
spot between his mouth and nose.
And there is also red or white gingerbread men aprons.  LOVE them and each of my boys will have one.  I am going to put their names under the gingerbread men as a nice green!  It's going to be so cute.

So, what do you love to look for on etsy? It's about my favorite spot to spend time just browsing around :)

2 Words to brighten my day:

Crissy said...

I love that I can say I know the woman behind Confetti Creations! You're so talented! And I think the boys look great in their bow ties! And the aprons? Too cute!

Dawne said...

I love the bow ties and aprons!