Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Part Two through the end

Friday Date night: Surprise date for Bart
  • Roja (YUM!)
  • Scary Acres
  • Target for Ethan birthday shopping
  • Sheridans
Saturday Morning:  Church Trunk or Treat
Playing Games
Getting candy with friends
Eating Treats

Saturday Night:  LDS Girls Night In at Lori's house
  • games: 1.  like hot potato but you had to grab an item of clothing out of a black trash bag when the music stopped and put it on (each person brought a few "odd" items of clothing)  2.  "What if..."  Write a question (silly or serious) starting with "What if..."  then everyone grabs other questions, answers (again silly or serious) then everyone switches again so the questions and answers don't match.  Really funny, esp. the ones about my "bits"
  • food:  baked potato bar and LOTS of desserts

Sunday morning:  Church
  • check out the adorable bow ties I made the boys for Halloween Sunday!
Sunday evening:  Trick or Treating with friends (Kris and Rebecca and Krewes)
dragon ethan throwing a fit on the ground because i emptied his too heavy pail.
Spider, Dragon, Cowboy, the cutest kids out that night!

 Sunday late night:  Watch the new AMC t.v. show, "The Walking Dead".

And now I sit in my pajama's, recovering from a weekend FULL of FUN and munching on a few stray pieces of candy.