Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giving Thanks

Last year, or the year before that, or maybe I made it up in my mind, I wrote a post a day about what I was thankful for during the month of November.

This year, due to the taking getting crazy with my cakes and etsy shop, plus having sweet Ms. Mia here each day, I know I won't be able to do that.

But today, I give thanks (and those of you who are my FB friends or belong to MOM, sorry, but I am so grateful I MUST share it again).

I had 5 cakes to bake this morning.  3 marble cakes for a Transformers birthday (I wanted a bit more height for the side decorations so I baked an extra cake) and 2 for a church event.  Baking the cakes is not hard to do with the kids around.  They play, I use the Kitchenaid, we all drool as we smell the sweet yumminess coming from the kitchen.

Last night, we stopped at Bag-N-Save on the way home from getting Bart after work to pick up some more eggs, because I had 8 at home and needed 10.  On a side note, why do so many grocery stores fill the need to promote cheapness?  Bag-N-Save is no cheaper then Bakers, Hvyee, Albertson's, or Krogers, yet none of those stores yell "SHOP HERE BECAUSE YOU WILL SAVE MONEY".  but I digress.

So, I need 10 eggs.  I start baking. 

It's a good morning.  Ethan and Mia are in the back yard and it brings joy to my heart to watch them play together so well.  It is really cute and I should have snuck out and recorded some of their silliness.

Then.  IT happens.  I need to go potty, so I run upstairs.  When I come back down...well, Ethan and Mia were no longer playing in the back yard.  Oh, no sir-e.  Ethan is standing in an island.

And island of egg.

Broken eggs.

My brand new dozen eggs that cost $1.55 cents at Bag-N-Save eggs.  (That sure doesn't seem to save me any money...I think they are cheaper at WM)

Mia is looking on, being old enough to know that taking eggs out of the fridge for no apparent reason and throwing them all over the floor is a bad idea. 

So, today, I am grateful that by some miracle (I think it is a miracle because the cake I had left to bake is for the young women at church after all!) two eggs survived the wrath of Ethan...and will live to tell the tale in the story of "The Cake That Was Meant To Be."

And my kitchen floor is grateful for its impromptu bath.

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PapaJeff said...

Jessie, I may be somewhat prejudiced, but you are such a great writer!! You can turn the most mundane (or aggravating) incidents into a funny story. I hope you can keep a record of all these stories, because it will embarrass the heck out of the boys later on in life. And that's one of the more important things in your children growing up - being able to embarrass the heck out of them! As Mama says, what's the fun of having kids if you can't have fun at their expense?