Monday, April 19, 2010

My Latest Business Venture

Yes, I work from home during nap times and a few nights a week.

Yes, I have an etsy shop.

And a scrapbooking hobby.

And I am going to be teaching some classes soon (I hope anyway!)

And yes, I have three children and one husband.

But...I have started a new blog, hoping to get some new, without further ado, go check out YEP...I Wish That I Had Jessie's Cakes (If you don't get it, click on the radio link in the sidebar and thank Bart for that clever name later) is up and running. I will be showcasing cakes, cookies, and cupcakes I make there, will post a price list (that is so hard to figure out how much to charge), and even list classes I can teach as part of girls night out! (Well, girls night in b/c it will be at your house!)

May 15-16 I am going to Louisiana for a two day intensive training course and I will be certified in the Creative Designs Method of cake decorating, created by my mother! So, I will have the confidence I need to teach others how to use their cricuts (and not just the new cake ones, but ANY cricut or electronic cutter!) to decorate cakes just like me.