Monday, April 26, 2010

The Goodie Bags (and really cool pins by lattegrande)

The goodie bag...of course it was full of robot goodies. There was one child at the party with some sever food allergies, so in lue of any candies and food, I did goodies that hopefully weren't junkie.
One thing I put was the 1 inch pinback robot buttons.
Yes, I know the kids were only ages 4-6.
Yes, I know pins poke.
But, aren't they cute?
How could I say no?
I got a 3 pack to review and ordered enough to fill the bags as well.
I thought they were a great addition to the bag and different, too.
So far no parents have called complaining, so they either loved them, too, or hid them. They reminded me of the 80's and made me happy.
Coffee's Shoppe was super speedy in shipping and replying to questions.
Jackson still wears his pin, even now!

Other things in the goodie bags: Create Your Own Robot sticker book ordered from, snack mix of Nuts & Bolts (download the cute printable here...there is even an invite PDF!), glow sticks, and doh with a label (I cut and pasted one of the images from the Nuts & Bolts) bag and created the labels. The girls got an alligator clip with ROBOT RIBBON! What the heck? Yep, American Crafts makes robot ribbon and it was only a dollar for a roll!

Overall I was happy with the bag. yeah, I know play doh and glo sticks are a bit junkie in the goodie bag department, but I thought they had a short lived purpose and hope the parents didn't mind too much.

Thanks Coffee's Shoppe for letting me review the 3 pins for free...we LOVE them!

2 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

Umm..yea. I confiscated the pin for my own selfish pleasure :)

emmacourreges said...

I just starting reading your blog and I wanted to say thank you as a mom of a child with a severe peanut allergy, and a child who is lactose intollerant, thank you for making a cool goodie bag everyone can enjoy. I wish more moms did that!