Wednesday, April 21, 2010

KidJovial personalized robot t-shirt (what else would I be reviewing right now?)

(I think I will be buying this for Jackson soon...)

(Jackson modeling the new shirt)

I got on contact with KidJovial on etsy to review a great tee shirt...I wanted one for Ethan to wear to Jack's party and LOVED this one at KidJovial. I was lucky enough to get to review it (these are my opinions and I was not paid for this review, but I did get a cool shirt for my son), too! When it came I was a bit disappointed with how large a size 2T was, but that is just the tee shirt companies sizing...I decided instead of washing it to see if it shrank and then have Ethan wear it, I'd just let Jackson (who still would not recognize a J if it were yelling in his face) wear it on his big day. :) Jackson recognized the "A" and was a happy camper.Other then being big...I LOVE THIS SHIRT! Oh, and once I washed it (inside out w/o bleach or fabric softener) it shrank some and now will fit Godzilla...I mean...Ethan the great, with room to grow all summer! So, I'd say order the size you want and when you get it, don't fret about it being a bit too big because it will all work out in the end, now won't it?
It washed up great, too. From the shop: The process I use won't cause peeling or cracking. This has a stretchy, softer consistency than lesser quality heat press items. And the statement is correct...there was no cracking or peeling!
KidJovial has got a ton of awesome shirts. From the shop: We create cool, personalized t-shirts as well as other fun designs. The child in your life will surely love rockin' these tees! Choose from already made themes or feel free to place customized design/size orders. KidJovial - tees for kids with cool parents.

My favorite part? The part where they call the PARENT cool...cause you know we are, right? :)

I also love the price of these shirts...$8.99 with $2.50 shipping! I have a birthday party we are invited to this May and I do believe I will be ordering one of the shirts for the birthday boy! Probably this one (but I need to double check and make sure the dino love is still there!):
So, go check out KidJovial on know you want at least one new shirt for your kid's summer wardrobe, and at less then $12 shirt (including shipping) these are some not to be missed!

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