Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cribs, Toddler Beds, and the Big Boy Bed

When do you go from cribs to toddler beds? I've always struggled with this. I see the transfer as a definitive "you are no longer a baby"statement and that has always made me sad. So, my children stay in their cribs until they are at least 2 1/2.I wish I had bought a convertible crib, like this one from They are so pretty and I wish MY bed looked this classic. Instead, we bought a cheap-o crib from Burlington Coat Factory and I will not be able to pass it on or save it for grandchildren because it is becoming a bit ghetto. I guess if I'd bought such a beautiful crib, it would be easier to make the transition to toddler bed because he'd still be in his safe place that he'd slept since birth.
However, I do not foresee Ethan moving out of his crib anytime soon. No...that would mean he is growing up, and I am just not ready for that. is an online site with over 200 stores. They have free shipping (a must when I order online) and hassle free returns. Check them out for just about ANYTHING you want to order online. I was not paid for this post but I will be reviewing an adorable pair of shoes from them very soon!

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Dawne said...

the crib we bought for Jonas is beyond ghetto. It will have to be fire wood when Wyatt is done with it. I wish we'd gone with a better brand/paid a little more so it would last longer.

Unknown said...

I just turned Jacks convertablie crib into the big boy bed. The side rails dont go far enough so he falls out still but not far. We made a huge deal out of it by getting new sheets too.

Angelkris said...

Joss was 2.5 when me moved her out only because Harris was on his way and would need it. We received our crib as a hand me down from a couple who used it for their two kids and it has now been used for our two kids. There will be no saving it or handing it down either.

Anonymous said...

2 was the big year for the move for my oldest - then a little later for the next 2 because they're about 3 years a part. However, my 4th son was not ready to move out of his baby bed at 2 1/4 because he was not ready to stay in the big boy bed. I remember how when I put him in the cribb, he just dropped and slept. Then we moved him to the big boy bed and he never slept and always got out, and just could not get to sleep. When they start climbing out is a good rule of thumb for whem to make the move!

You might not be ready for him to move out of the baby bed, but I sure bet you are ready for him to be out of diapers! LOL