Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Small Diaper Cake Instructions

I just made this diaper cake for a small baby shower I am attending, and I thought I'd share the instructions. It is so easy to make that any of us could do it.

1. Roll 18
Pampers Swaddler diapers (either size 1 or 2, use swaddlers for a white cake) with rubber bands. I used the kind you use for little girls. Roll relatively tight.

2. Use one diaper as the center and put 6 around it. Secure with large rubber band.

3. The tricky part...I used a receiving blanket and wrapped it tightly into a ball...I made it smaller then the diapers. Secure with rubber band. Take another large rubber band, put around the blanket and start to stick diapers around it, forming a circle. I used about 12 to go all the way around.

4. Add a cute ribbon to cover the rubber bands. I recommend grosgrain. I used satin and it's knot was not too cute. (you can see my rubber band...I'll figure out a way to cover that later)

5. Embellish. Add a stuffed animal to the top, confetti to the sides, whatever you think would make it look cute. For this project, I used curly ribbon.

And...there you have it...a small two tiered diaper cake that will WOW all the other guests at a shower (or at least make them wish they'd thought of that idea) For larger cakes, I roll the diapers into one big ball, I don't wrap each one...BUT, that is for another shower, another day.

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Lexi said...

Thank you for posting this! I am always admiring these but thinking I can't pull it off, but this sounds pretty do-able! Yours turned out really cute {although I'm not surprised- you are so good at these things!}

P.S.- I tried calling you two times last week after I got your message but I could never get a hold of you. How did the cinnamon rolls turn out for you? I hope everything is ok up there. I was thinking that you had fallen off the planet! ;-)