Wednesday, August 27, 2008

alter ego

I am liking the idea of an alter ego. Molly Mormon by day, Disco Diva by night ( in progress). Reading Cathi's post brought to mind TWANDA from Fried Green Tomatoes. I like the idea of being an AWESOME ROCK STAR of a mom, maybe even excelling in my church duties (though I think that means you have to serve longer :-), and then being a TOTAL LAZY SLOB at night. Not exactly what Twanda did in FGT, but an alter ego non-the-less.

Even that Lazy Slob must do some work, though, so I guess I really should get to the dishes...they never seem to magically wash themselves.

3 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Ok, upon further thought, I realize that I am a complete dodo because after I wrote my comment yesterday, I remembered that you like Hannah Montana and I just totally slammed her in my reply. Oops. Now you probably think I'm a witch with a capital 'B'. Sorry about that. :-(

I think we all need alter ego's. It's the only way sometimes to survive motherhood!
Can we be friends again now, please? I promise I'll play nice. ;-)

Anonymous said...

no worries, lexi. i promise.
and although i like h.m., i think my love is wearing thin. we just got cable and although it was on, i chose to watch HGTV instead. :-)
friends again.

Jenn said...

My dishes magically wash themselves, but only with my magic hands. Markus of course doesn't have magic hands. Funny how that works.