Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday Bart!

So, Bart turns 31 today...and the poor guy is still sick with a virus. This didn't stop me from frying chicken strips just the way he likes and baking a homemade marble cheesecake. We all enjoyed it, though Bart only ate one piece of chicken...for those of you who know Bart, you know he must be sick, because he usually eats a TON of chicken! Since he is feeling better, just has a small appetite, I figured he'll be able to enjoy his leftovers tomorrow.

Let me tell you a little about THE chicken. Bart's mom, Glenda, used to fry TONS of chicken strips every Monday night for WWF/WCW wrestling night at her house. This tradition started before Bart and I got engaged and continued all the way until the fall of 2001, when Ms. Glenda got sick.
Once Ms. Glenda was too sick to be home and was living with her sister, Jeanie, we tried to recreated her chicken. We learned you CANNOT use a fry daddy or a pot on a stove, you MUST use Glenda's pot.
There's something magical in this pot that Ms. Glenda had since she got married. It probably has something to do with the gunk that is built up all along the outside (do NOT touch it...gross) or the "seasoning" that has happened through the years.
OR, as I like to think, the magic is the love that Ms. Glenda poured into it each week as she came home from work and got right to frying chicken. She fried enough chicken that all the relatives/friends that just happened to stop by on their way to MawMaw's apartment would have a piece or two before heading on AND enough for Bart to take a full ziplock to work the next day, where he would enjoy cold fried chicken (he likes me, me, not so much).
Whatever it is, I am so thankful that I got to enjoy spending time with Ms. Glenda as she prepared the chicken each week, and even more grateful I paid enough attention to be able to make a pretty good rendition of her chicken today, so I can pass the tradition of fried chicken on to my kids.
So, Happy Birthday Bart. I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the cold chicken you love so much.

And, for all of you out there freaking out that we ate fried chicken every Monday for over 3 years...yep, we gained some weight...but we don't eat it every Monday now, so I hope we've evened out in the fat/cholesterol race. And besides, we have some really good memories, so in the end, that is what really matters, right?

5 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

Tell Bart Happy Birthday from us!

Lexi said...

I'm impressed that you made fried chicken! Every time I think about making it, I start looking at different recipes and they always sound so involved that I say, "Forget it!" And then we go to Popeyes. :-)

I'll bet there is some magic and love to that pot. It's seen hundreds of family gatherings and been part of just as many memories.

Glenda sounded like quite a fairy mother-in-law (kinda like your fairy godmother). It's great that you got to spend some time with her before she moved on. She sounds like the kind of person anyone would love to be with.

How sad that Bart was sick on his birthday! Being sick on your birthday is the pits. I hope he feels better soon. If you're following Glenda's recipe, it sounds like you'll have enough chicken for him to enjoy when he's feeling himself again in a day or two.

Happy 31 Bart!

Lexi said...

P.S. Are you on pins and needles about Brennan's first day of school? Is he getting excited to go?

PapaJeff said...

Having participated in some of those Monday night chicken feasts, I can attest to how good that was. I have also had Jessie's chicken, and it's pretty darn good as well. Glenda was a neat lady, and I know she is watching down over ya'll. I'm trying to watch over you, too, but it's hard to see all teh way from Louisiana to Nebraska!

Hope Bart is feeling better. I know the Happy Birthday song from us helped:)

thecaillouets said...

i love your fried chicken. i can only imagine how hers taisted. thanks for showing me how you do it. now my fried chicken isn't half bad.