Friday, August 29, 2008


Exactly three years ago today, a little bit of hell referred to as "Hurricane Katrina" made landfall on the Gulf Coast.

Three Years.

And now, on it's anniversary (would you really refer to that as an anniversary? I like to think of anniversaries as happy occasions.), my friends and family prepare once more for the unknown.

I am safe, far away in part, due to that hurricane. Did you know that? Did you know that West was looking for a way out of LA, anyways, but when the hurricane hit and FEMA could offer such low skilled workers $18 an hour, so many of West's employees jumped ship that they got their to sell their lease to an organization that was part of FEMA...that eventually failed?

So, now I sit in my computer room, with this fear nagging the back of my heart. I feel awful because I am safe, with no worries. Yet so many of those I love aren't. Maybe they are safe, new home, new clothes, new life...but deep down, I bet this storm is killing them. Deep down, I bet there is fear.

And I will wait, and pray, until this storm passes. I think it is funny, how we hope for things. One mom I've met here who lived in Biloxi three years ago said she hoped the hurricane veered of its course and hit Mexico. Why? Do those living in Mexico deserve to suffer any more then those living in America? No. I hope the storm gets downgraded, that there is a bit of rain and wind, and that all the work and worry was for nothing. That's what I pray for. BUT, I also pray that everyone that can possibly act, does. Don't wait around until the last minute, don't "ride it out"...just get out, get safe.

Heck, if you need a place to stay, call my parents, I am sure they won't mind house guests. Just be prepared to attend my dad's family reunion tomorrow. (good food by the way, and really nice folks, too)

If you need a ride, well, I can't help with that, but we've all got legs, right?

So, even though I am "safe" here in Omaha, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know that you are all safe and sound when the wind blows over and things return "to normal".

3 Words to brighten my day:

jamie said...

Sorry it has taken me so long! I looked in the garage and I think it is called Artesan Water. I know the brand is Behr, Home Depot's brand I believe. Good luck!

Kristen C said...

I can't believe that lady said she hoped it would hit Mexico instead of the United States. It is just the mentality of alot of people that they think that Mexicans are less than us here in the U.S.

Emily said...

I hope Gustav leaves all your loved ones alone. What an awful thing for it to be right on track to hit LA again.