Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Now THAT is a big a** Cookie!

image from JBC site
We went to Jone Bros. Cupcakes Monday after a MOM play date.  I chose a cherry almond cupcake for myself (YUM) and a cookie for Ethan.
Ethan was very upset (to put it mildly) that he did not get a cupcake (that he would not eat).  He literally threw himself on the floor, was screaming and crying and just going wild.  As I sat there debating what to do, he got up and ran away.  He ran to the service area to get water, creamers, etc.  He is still throwing a fit.  Then he starts saying he wants water.  Well, I got down on his level and said, "Ethan, you are making Mommy sad because you are not being nice.  You are hurting my feelings.  If you want water or that big ass cookie I just bought you, you will calm down, tell me you are sorry for being a brat, give me a hug, go sit down, and quietly eat your cookie."
Now, I know he probably didn't get half of what I was saying, but it made him calm down, helped me calm down, and ended his tantrum, without ME having to eat TWO desserts or revert to other drastic measures.  See, that was my real problem...how to punish him but still let him have his cookie so it didn't become MY cookie.  :)  And the hug, kiss, and "I sorry Mama" I got out of the deal was pretty darn sweet, too.
And that little monster who didn't want a cookie?  Refused my bite of cupcake and ate every bite of that big ass cookie...even if he did get offended when Bart asked him what he got at Jones Bros later on.