Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jack's First Day Of School

The boys started school Monday.  They were so excited, and I was, too.  The last few weeks we had really been out of a routine and it was starting to be quite wearing.
I was a bit apprehensive about sending Jackson, as I wrote about in a past post.  Not that I thought he was not ready and I should redshirt him for a year, more just sad for me for losing my buddy each day.  He brings such happiness to my heart with his funny stories and cute antics.
The boys each had their brand new first day of school outfits all ready...except I discovered Jackson's shirt actually fit Brennan and Brennan's shirt was too big, so Bren wore Jack's shirt and Jack wore one we had.  It worked.  Jackson was sooo proud of his new outfit and lunchbox, he could hardly contain himself.  He even slept with them for a few days.  (not that he doesn't get new things, I guess this time it was different because it represented him growing up)
I thought I'd cry (I have been having issues with this every time I think about Jackson going to school!) but I didn't.  Reason one:  Ethan throwing a fit to stay with Jackson.  Reason two:  Walking home with a friend and having her talk about her upcoming wedding!
Jackson did great his first day and yesterday went well also.  I hope he loves school as much as Brennan does so that going does not become a struggle.  We have had a very tired Jackson on our hands (he *may* have napped pretty much until Monday morning) but in a few weeks when he's adjusted to this new schedule, I think that will be fine.
So, two down, one to go!  And I can't wait! I actually think Ethan might be the only child to go to preschool for two years in our family.  ;)

I snuck in to get this shot of Bren in his third grade class.  He's "too cool" for me to just go right in.

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