Friday, August 19, 2011

A Back to School Tradition

We don't have a lot of traditions in our home.  Yeah, Bart always gets fried chicken for his birthday, Santa comes on Christmas Eve, and we celebrate the kickoff to college football season big, but other then that, we are pretty much a "let's see how things work out" kind of family.  However, one thing we seem to have created into a tradition is first day of school ice cream.  Created by a pregnant mother who was craving some sweet treats after Brennan finished his first day of Kindergarten ;)  What a wise woman I was.  I tell you, I must have been inspired!
Caramel Milk Shake

Jackson picked where we went this year and he picked Dairy Queen (He likes the oreo blizzards).  I tried very hard to get him to pick Zestos (root beer milkshake anyone?) but he picked DQ, which is fine but...when we got there we discovered half of Omaha also thought a trip to DQ after the first day of school was a good idea.  We waited in line for quite a while, but finally got our yummy treats.

Oreo Cookie Blizzard
 It was nice to sit with the boys and talk about their first days, things they were excited for, nervous for, etc.  I'm glad we have started this tradition and I feel it's one that can continue throughout the years.
Oreo Cookie Blizzard through a straw
 Ethan obviously needs to get into school ASAP so he can "get some learnin'"  and learn how everyone else does things.  That child insisted on DRINKING his oreo blizzard.  Bizarre little boy.
Overall the boys enjoyed themselves and even ate dinner after having that sweet treat so late.  I hope they remember the little things, like ice cream and silly discussions as they grow up.  I hope they remember how much I love them and want the best for them.  I hope they remember they are always free to tell me (and Bart) whatever is on their mind, good or bad.  And mostly, I hope Ethan learns to eat his blizzards with a spoon.  ;)

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Bren said...

That is a great tradition! One I know I would like VERY MUCH!