Monday, May 9, 2011

Road Trip!

 Friday we delivered a cake to Lincoln.  The boys and I were all alone, since Ms. Mia's mama took the day off and since Megan was lame and spent the day with her mama as well.  Seriously folks, I am having abandonment issues here.
 The boys were as good as gold on the trip.  It's only one hour there, so it's not too long...but a good practice run for Ethan to get ready to being in the car for our big tripS this summer.  (Idaho and Louisiana, here we come!)  About ten minutes from our destination, Jack looks up from his video game and asks, "Mom, do we need shoes where we are going?  Because I don't have mine."
It seems Jackson and shoes don't like Lincoln during cake deliveries.  The last time I delivered a cake to Lincoln, Jackson's flip flop broke, right before we were heading to the zoo there (great zoo, btw, even if it is small), so we got to explore their Payless first.
This made me a wee bit frustrated, but since we didn't have to go in anywhere, it was not a big deal...but what if I had WANTED to go in some where?
Ethan kept his sunglasses on the entire trip.  He loves those things! He was one cool dude, just hanging out, exclaming when he saw random things that caught his attention, such as the RAISIN' CANES sign on our way for an early lunch (it's 12 o'clock somewhere, right?...even at 10:30).

Thanks for the cake order Jennifer.  I hope your daughter had a great day.  We sure had a nice day trip to Lincoln....if only they'd hurry up and finish rebuilding the interstate so the entire trip would be 75!  That would be great!

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