Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adventures in Cloth Diapering #14...The end of an era

I started cloth diapering in July of 2009.  My friend was/is a wee bit obsessed with them and I thought I could at least give them a try.
Well, I won a few, bought a few, wound up with Miracle Diapers, and then had a friend give me some...I wound up with a decent stash that worked quite well.
Today, as I noticed a dark red mark on Ethan's panty line and observed him screaming and crying and pulling at his panty line area, I realized...Ethan has outgrown his diapers!
He only has maybe 4 that still fit his 40 lb puffy behind.  And 4 is not enough for me...the lazy cloth diaper mother.
So, I realized, with a start, that the end of cloth diapering was near for me.  VERY near.  Sure, I could trade them or sell them and buy the next size up, but we are at the very early stages of potty training, I plan to go all out starting in August (after summer travel is over) and buying new diapers for basically two months seems silly, especially since I "pride" myself in having spent so little to cloth diaper (I'd say less then $60 total, including soaps).
It's been a struggle at times to cloth diaper.  My husband has not been on board at all with cloth diapering.  He will say, "Does Ethan have on a REAL diaper or one of "those" things?" before I leave for a girls night out.  (Most of the time I leave him in cloth ;) ).  I'm not sure where these feelings of his come from...it's saved him literally hundreds of dollars, but oh, well, I've let it be a non-issue so as to win bigger battles on other fronts ;).
Also, I am a lazy laundress, so I've had to battle that and make sure to keep them washed in a timely manner.
I've never soley cloth diapered, using disposable on the weekends and when we went on trips.  Also, if an outfit fit better on big butt Ethan, it was a sposie that day as well.
But, now that the end is here, and that I just twenty minutes ago took off the last cloth diaper I will ever remove from my baby, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia.
My little baby is growing up!

Before you know it, I will be posting part two to the end of an era: DIAPERS AT ALL!  Let's hear it for post summer traveling potty training!  Though...I am considering buying some cloth diaper based training pants that have a bit more absorbancy then regular underwear.  We will see.

So, for those of you who followed along in my adventures in cloth diapering, I bid you farewell...and want to let you know all cloth diapers will be for sale for $10 or less at the garage sale I am co-hosting this weekend in Omaha if you are interested ;)

3 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

I suggest the Gerber training pants. Think padded underwear. It just helps control the mess in my opinion. I will be right there with you come this fall. No more diapers!

Rebecca1217 said...

I looked in to cloth training pants too and went with the Gerber as well, they work really well.

Anonymous said...

You are so super mom to use cloth diapers. I opted for the keep-'im-dry ones and used clothe diapers for burping pads:) However, I try to make all my cakes and desserts from sratch. Does that balance it all out? LOL

Cheers to entering a new phase!!!