Sunday, May 15, 2011

Heaven, well...that might be taking it a LITTLE far...

It's not very fair to tell you all of Ethan's negatives without sharing some of the "heaven" part of his opposites attract personality.
He can be a very chill little dude...when he wants to be.  So mellow that if you are only around him during these phases, you'd never guess he can throw a tantrum like nobody's business.

He's kind, too.  If he sees someone hurt or crying, he tries to comfort them.
And my favorite...he often LOVES the camera, begging me, "One more picture Mama?"

He's a good friend.  He and Mia get along so well (when they are both in the right mood for that sort of thing ;)  They can play together for an hour and not have one crying episode.  She's taught him to color for ages and he has taught her to sneak snacks and the best ways to get on my nerves while still appearing adorable.
He also plays very well with Jackson and occasionally a threesome of the kids works in my favor as well.
I think my favorite part of Ethan's "heaven" side are his hugs and kisses.  He will kiss you on the mouth, then look at you and say, "That's how you kiss on the mouth."  Then he will give you a hug and say, "That's how you hug."  It is so funny and a great way to start my mornings.
I also love when he still occasionally catches me off guard when he presents a full sentence with proper grammar...he was a child who did not speak for a while and had to have speech therapy.
So, please don't think Ethan is all fire and brimstone and hell on earth...he has his good moments, and they do far outnumber the's just SO EASY to focus on the bad sometimes.
And GUESS WHAT?  He didn't even have to get taken out of church today...not one time!  He tried to take himself out once when he escaped our pew, but was lead back into place without much of a fuss!  YAY for sacrament meetings like today!

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