Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Life and Times of the Modern Rugs and Boys

I love area rugs, especially modern rugs.  They look so nice, unlike the Granny Rugs so many of us have.
They are so versatile, and look so great.  They can be relatively inexpensive to invest in, yet can really add to a room, helping it feel homey and just right.  They are also a LOT easier to replace then other flooring.
And with three's nice that they are so easy to move around, clean, and replace, where as wall to wall carpeting (as in my den) is expensive to replace...and when it gets worn down looking, or the dog we had when we moved to Omaha decides to eat the edge of it, or when the then five year old decides to spill red jello on it...well, that's it, there's a tear and a spill.
LUCKILY there are stores like CSN who have awesome modern rugs for me to search to find the perfect rug for my three wild ones.

My favorites right now from CSN?

The Super Indo rug.  This rug has the potential to camouflage some spills and drops :)  So...perfect for me right now with three little boys.

When the boys grow up a bit and I can move out of the "how to hide what is inevitably going to happen to the rug" phase...then I'd like something like this:

I love this color in the Gandia Blasco modern rug!  LOVE it...but I'd say this color would not stand up to the test of three little boys.  :)  So, I will file it under my "when the boys are men" category. time you are thinking of changing your room around, or doing a complete make over...check out CSN...they might just have the perfect rug for you!

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satodd said...

Wow, I really love that yellow and white rug. But, you are right, wouldn't work for little ones!! We can dream...