Wednesday, January 5, 2011

31 never looked so good

Right? I KNOW!

Have any of you heard about the "One Word" thing that is going around?  Where you pick one word to represent you for the year, kind of like a resolution, but not? Here's a list of words others have thought of...I am still thinking.

JOY seems to simple.  ALIVE seems too busy (like, I need to go sky diving this second and I never really want to do that).  MOMENT maybe?  CHERISH.  I don't know...but when I do, I will share with you.

I'm excited for this.  I think that having a word to remember to try and achieve will be easier then goals...but if you want goals, I've got those, too:  Eat out less (maybe only twice a month?), Date more (maybe at least once a month), Go to the temple more (um, three times a year will beat last year's attendance, so that is an easy one, lol), Lose some weight (so I don't look pregnant.  I'm not, nor do I want to be), Get a little bit more organized, Find success with my etsy shop and cake orders, pay down debt, etc,, I need to figure out a word that can describe all that, and bring me happiness and joy and remind me to BE ALIVE AND HAPPY WITH THE MOMENT...we just went to a Cowboy Mouth concert and that is what they SCREAM the entire time...don't think about what might have been or what is to come, be happy with who you are where you are when you are.

What is your one word?

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