Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When Ethan brings me a cold apple, straight from the fridge (where I wash them BEFORE I put them in, about 90% of the time), and says, "HHHHNNNMOMPCRUNCH", I can usually oblige, take the first bite to break that tough skin, and go about my day.
BUT...when it's a soggy apple (as it was today) or when he continues to bring me the apple for me to take more unsolicited bites after he's taken a few of his own...
That is when I draw the line.

Ethan in his "snow suit":  Bart's gloves, Jack's hat, and some Scotty dog BabyLegs...I grabbed what was on hand, instead of going into the cold and dreadful basement to get his REAL snowsuit that I bought from Shanyn for a mere $5.
Because seriously, is there anything worse then a soggy apple or toddler snot/drool on an already 1/2 eaten 1/2 browned apple?

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