Sunday, May 23, 2010

The "Dating Game" can turn into "Family Feud" :)

I made this cake for a church activity last week. It's a Cricut decorated cake. I used the Storybook Cartridge. The colors were inspired by a wedding my friend coordinated. (go to May 20)
It was an Elder's Quorum dinner and wives were invited. I mulled over the fact that when we women in Relief Society have dinners, we make our husband's stay home with the kids. The men know that the only way they will get more then those planning the event to attend is to invite the wives.
It was a nice event, with my only complaint being that I *really* hate when things start late. I know there are lots of jokes about "Mormon Standard Time" but I just personally don't feel it is acceptable. That, unfortunately, happened, though it did give my friends, David and Rebecca, time to get to church without missing anything. :)
There was a "Dating Game" type game to play after dinner. It was fun to see if our answers matched. Bart and I were eliminated in the first round. Why? Because he said I'd go on vacation to Tampa, FL to visit Jamie (good answer, but since I could not think of where I'd want to go, not what I wrote.). He said, "Tampa, FL" for me and "Pensacola, FL" for him. I said, "NOT the beach" for me and "The beach" for him. When he gave his answers (the guys had to go outside while the girls gave was a face off of two couples at a time) I got all uppity and said "TAMPA?" He said, "Well, I was going to say NOT THE BEACH..." and everyone laughed because that is exactly what I'd said minutes before. :)
We left right after we cut the cake while couples were still playing, so we don't know who won or what they won. Today I found out the Elder's Quorum President/Bishop (He just got called to Bishop but he'd planned the event and was not missing out on the fun) didn't even get one bite of cake. Not even a cupcake! I'd made cake for about 40, plus about 20 cupcakes...and it was ALL GONE before the game was over! I asked if the kids (babysitting was provided) had gotten what I'd left cut in the end. Nope. The adults gobbled it up.
Guess Mom's secret recipe is a success.

2 Words to brighten my day:

Chari said...

It's really pretty! Great job! What size are your layers?

PapaJeff said...

Very nice cake. It sounds like the party was fun!