Friday, May 28, 2010

Boys, Barbies, and Bo-Bo's

As we all know, Jack is a bit accident prone.
He'd been doing really well, not needing a band aid in weeks.
He played outside.
In flip flops.
On a downhill driveway.
With lots of fun outdoor riding toys.






He scrapped both knees and one elbow (twice) and required bandaids, which his doting "ambulance crew" (A&S) applied.
He even fell once, scratched his arm again, and needed a bandaid ON TOP OF the bandaid he'd already gotten there (it tore in the fall)
Well, 4 of Sarah's 5 kids, who I am babysitting this week are girls. So, lots of pink, girliness abounds. Including...BARBIE BANDAIDS.
Jackson did not put up a fight when they placed the bandaids on freshly received wounds, but later on, once he'd had time to think about it, he says, "Mommy, can you give me a bath tonight?"
Me: Sure, Jack, you are dirty. Daddy might do it though.
J: NO! Daddy CANNOT do it.
Me: Why not? (very puzzled indeed)
J: Because, MOM, he CAN'T see my Barbie bandaids!

Needless to say, today I brought some plain ole "beige" bandaids, just in case...and good thing, because he fell (only once so far) and reopened an old wound.

***Disclaimer: I have NEVER told my children that Barbies are only for girls and trucks (or whatever) are only for boys. Brennan never cared what he played with or what color he wore, ate food off of, etc. Jackson does. He does not like to eat off of the pink IKEA plates, though his favorite drink is "pink milk" (aka strawberry milk) He is often telling me MY favorite colors are pink and purple because they are GIRL colors. I just respond, "Everybody likes different colors, Jack. I like black and I like green." I just wonder where he got these ideas from???

3 Words to brighten my day:

Lauren said...

It really bugs my husband that my two year old boy knows the names of all the Disney Princesses and will play with Barbies. But I figure he just loves his older sister and does what she does. As long as they are playing nicely together, it doesn't bother me! I know where he'll end up learning the "girl=pink" stereotype though. Example: the hubby made me buy Spiderman bandaids. Now we have Barbie and Spiderman (which, coincidentally, is emptying a LOT faster than the other box).

Unknown said...

accidents must be a jack thing!
My Jack fell last week and wiped the blood of on me and ran back outside. Groooooossss!
he later wanted a boo boo bear and scooby bandaid.
It irritates my husband to no end that i let him play with purses and stuff.

Lexi said...

Poor buddy. Those scrapes can really hurt! And it is inevitable in a house with girls that boys will be introduced to girl stuff. I am perfectly fine with Peyton playing with Chloe's girly stuff just as she plays with his cars and trucks and balls. But, I will not buy him his OWN girly stuff. That's where I {personally} draw the line. It's a shame that there is that one way street though because Chloe can play with his boy stuff and it will be socially 'just fine' but I know that Peyton going out in Chloe's stuff just would not work the same way without getting comments or looks. Isn't that weird?