Sunday, May 23, 2010

Designs By Yours Truly

No, not me, silly. (I talk about myself enough on here!)
Designs by Melissa, and her etsy shop.
She has custom, personalized invitations and thank you cards.

I scoured Etsy for adorable Lego invites and I felt hers were some of the cutest out there!
Don't you agree?
I am really starting to like the pdf downloadable is so easy to send them to your local photo print shop (Target, Rockbrook, Snapfish, wherever) and pick them up. Cheap, too.
I mean, last year I created from scratch Wii invites, making Wiimotes. Talk about time consuming. Sure, they were cute, but what happened to those invites? I bet every single one of them is now sitting in a landfill.

So, next time you need a shower invite, birthday announcement, or whatever, contact Melissa and see what she can do for you. I think having matching thank yous to coordinate with the invite would be so darn cute...but that would mean I'd have to remember to write thank yous and then ACTUALLY SEND THEM OUT!

If you want to check out her scrapbooking blog, click here. She has an awesome black and white layout up right now.

I was not paid for this review...but I did get a cute invite to download and print (or just email!) that I used with some of Brennan's school friends! The opinions are my own...I am not one to sugar coat ugly, so I can bet you will like Designs By Yours Truly.

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Unknown said...

Those invites for your son's birthday are adorable! Did anyone win the Rio Oso invite contest that ended back on the 18th?