Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, because I am feeling overwhelmed and really want to blog, even though I am too busy...

We have an old friend and his son coming late tonight. They are driving and stopping here on their journey east. Instead of doing the dishes and vacuuming, I cut down the bushes in the front yard. My neighbor told me they should be chopped to 12 inches every 5 years. Well, we lived here three years and they were pretty tall when we got here, so I cut them. He also let me borrow a chopper thingie...made it much easier then the trimmy thingie I was using...but it sure didn't get those dishes washed. Oh, well...Bart can do that when he gets home.We are enjoying the great outdoors as much as we can since the snow is finally all gone! Yeah! It's going to rain Friday but this weekend will hopefully be beautiful...maybe the Easter Bunny, who is bringing coins instead of candy in the eggs this year!, can even hide eggs outside. Maybe.
So, enjoy my goofy boys. They make me laugh and remind me to have fun every day.

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Lexi said...

Those glasses make me giggle. :-)