Friday, March 5, 2010

Hair Glue...Coming to a toddler near you

There are a few minutes, at the beginning of nap time, that a little noise is a good thing. When there is a bit of rustling from quilts being rearranged, books looked at quietly for a moment, pacis sucked in pure happiness (Paci has to live in the crib).

These moments are sweet. I know that very soon, there will be two sleeping cherubs upstairs and I can hardly wait!

OR...they aren't sweet. They turn into big ugly gooey messes, like this:

A very sneaky Jackson, sporting 6-12 Month GAP p.j pants and enough hair glue to keep a bad toupee on in a windy day. A very sneaky Jackson, who wanted to have a "sleep over" in Ethan's room, bringing with him, quilts, pillows, dragon castles, hair glue, etc. You know, the usual stuff you encounter at a nap time sleepover. (How in the world did I not hear this happening? Oh, right...I was in the basement switching out laundry)

When I decided that the first few minutes of naptime were a bit too quiet and went to check on the boys...I discovered very quiet chaos. Jack decided he needed HIS p.j. pants for nap time (but they were Ethan's too small p.j. pants that were hanging out on the rocker, just waiting for the Goodwill bag, that just match Jack's p.j pants.)..."to be comfortable."

When I saw something funny was going on with his hair, I asked, "Why did you put water in your hair?" only to discover (to my horror...we were going out to eat supper that night and I had to log into work in about five minutes) he'd used Got2B HAIR GLUE! A LOT of hair glue.

He'd also decided that ETHAN needed a "spikey" hair do and had put GOBS of it in Ethan's hair as well. I am telling you, these pictures do NOT do the mess justice.

All this in maybe five minutes while I switched out laundry.

So...I dunked and dunked and dunked Jack's head in a sink of water to try and get some of the WATER RESISTANT glue out of his hair. Finally I dried it off and sent him to bed, deciding to worry about the hair mess later.

Then I tried that with Ethan, ending with the same gooey results.

After naps, I worked for about twenty minutes on Jack's hair, prying the mashed bits up with water, a brush and unfortunately, more glue. I finally got a bit of an extreme mohawk going and settled.
Ethan's finally hair do was much better, a bit of a piece-y textured style that made him look a bit like a baby model. :) His was not so extreme as Jack's.

Needless to say, it took THREE BATHS to get all the glue out of Jackson's hair. THREE DAYS of having a matted mess.

Now the hair glue is HIGH in the bathroom cabinet and if all is too quiet too fast, I come running.

One the bright side, I decided to experiment WITH Jackson with a tiny dot of hair glue and we created a much cuter, less extreme version of a mohawk. He rawked that hawk, too. For TWO days!

3 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Oh my gosh. I think I would have lost it. I did when Peyton got a hold of the baby powder (a nearly brand new FULL bottle) and shook it out everywhere in his room... the day before we moved from our apartment to our house.

Or the time he killed my bonzai by pulling it out of its pot and leaving it to die with it's roots exposed to the air.

Kids make me tired. Especially Peyton. I think you have a WAY better way of looking at things (the positive side) than I do. I would have called Troy at work raging mad and crying hysterically while scrubbing Peyton in the tub!

Good thing the boys are cute! I think that's what saves Peyton 90 of the time!

Work at Home Dad said...

Wow they look so adorable. Great post! I like the pictures.

Megan R. said...

See, he just wanted to rawk the hawk, and knew this was the way to do it!! Adorable! And sticky.