Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Did you see the Ultimate Cake Challenge on TLC last night? Well, one of the teams used the Cricut Expression to cut a few items...and guess whose idea THAT was? Yep, my mom's! She is the one who came up with this crazy idea that JUST MIGHT WORK when Ethan was born.
She tried it out on my small 12x6 Cricut, stating, "I'll buy you a new one if we mess this up"...it didn't mess up and the rest is history! (FYI: It was not her idea to do that design on that cake, it was her idea to use a Cricut at all)

My mom has so many wonderful ideas floating around in her head. I inherited this trait from her as my mind is always planning the NEXT thing, whether it be blog post (I compose so many in my head!), craft project, dinner idea, or birthday party, my mind is always reeling.

Anyway, I had to laugh when Norm said, "Only 12 people in America use this technique" or something to that effect. It just made me giggle because my mom has sold THOUSANDS of DVD's around the world. Cool, right? The boys call her a movie star because she has commercials on Youtube and is in movies. I thought the cakes were pretty neat last night, esp. the solar power idea...how innovative!

So, if you are interested in using YOUR Cricut Expressions or ANY electronic paper cutter (I really want a Silhouette so I can buy individual images online) to cut gumpaste, go check out her website and order a DVD...you will NOT be sorry! Even if you never do anything but cut out cakes or cupcakes for your kids, you will LOVE the results. Joann's has the 6x12's on sale for like $85 this week! Once the Cricut Cake comes out, it's going to be like $400 or something, so I do believe I will keep using what I've always used and save that $$$ for a PS3 for Bart. I bet he'll like that a lot more then ANOTHER toy for me!

So, The Ultimate Cake Off should send my mom a thank you note for coming up with such a cool concept, don't you think? :) I bet we start seeing cakes decorated in my mom's technique all over the place. Oh, and go see her Damask wedding cake DVD...talk about fantastic!

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