Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jesus is everywhere

Ethan and I made a trip to the Dollar Tree on his birthday to get some crepe paper, candles, and balloons.  We walked down the snack aisle so I could restock our snack box and Ethan grabbed a bag of cheese balls. Well, being as it was his birthday, and they were just a buck, I let him slide.

 When the boys were eating them at home, Bart discovered that try as hard as the government might to remove Christ from our lives (holiday tree anyone?  I'd hate to offend you by calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree. That whole pledge of allegiance thing, although I don't think that really went anywhere.) they can't remove Christ from our bag of Dollar Store cheese balls.

Full back view of the bag.  See below for close up.
Oh, and I just KNOW these people are LSU fans...
look at the coloring of the packaging.


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Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

lol ive never seen anything like that before! Good idea though