Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan Pierre

Yes, many say it is worse then the terrible two's, but I think we will break that old saying.

Ethan was an adorable 9 lb addition to our family.  Since each baby seemed to come out a little bit bigger, we are calling it quits!
Ethan's first movie:  TWLIGHT, part 1.  He was less then a week old
Ethan was BORN an LSU Tigers fan!
First Birthday
Second Birthday
Third Birthday!
Ethan has been a pleasure to have as part of our family, even if some days are rougher then others.  :)

He has a temper unlike either of his brothers, and a nasty foot stomping habit, but when he is being cute, he is so adorable, all the frustrating moments where you want to go all 1950's country mama on him melt away.

I am so thankful that Ethan was able to come join our family and help us be complete.  WE LOVE YOU ETHAN!

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