Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brennan's First BIG School Project

Brennan had an assignment over Thanksgiving break.  He had to make a poster on a holiday selected by his teacher.  It was a social studies project to teach the children about various celebrations around the world.
Brennan got Cinco De Mayo.  He did his research and answered each of the 6 topics.  Luckily it was all in bullet form so it was easy for him to organize on his own.  He did 95% of the work.  Me?  I found the red paper (already cut that size), thought that the index cards would be easy to use for the topics, and showed him how to use my Silhouette. 
Brennan was so proud of his poster and his teacher said his oral presentation went really really well!
It was really hard to sit back and let him do the poster on his own.  I wanted to help because it would have been so fun and easy to do.  :)  However, I am very proud of myself because I sat back and just gave some suggestions on how to better do things (or do them at all...he'd never used a tape runner).  I did not take over, which is a big deal for me, haha.  I think Brennan was most proud that he did it on his own, and it wound up looking so great!

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