Saturday, June 25, 2011

Worlds Of Fun, Kansas City, MO

End of the day (but first picture).  We had a great time at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO.  Big thank you to Megan for the discounted tickets!  Next time we are sneaking food in, though.  They didn't even give our stroller a second glance.  We did bring LOTS of water and drank all of it, too!

Planet Snoopy was just perfect for Jackson and Ethan.  Bart took Brennan off and they rode every big ride they could!  The little boys enjoyed the plane, carousal, ball house, and more.

Jackson, the junior dare devil...This ride was actually a tiny bit scary, for the 48 inches and under crowd!

The Mamba...WAY WICKED SCARY.  I rode it once after lunch, when we met up with Bart and Brennan, Megan and Tom and Carson.  Brennan kept yelling at me, "KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN MOM!"  I think Bart and Brennan rode it 3 or 4 times on this trip and want to go back again this year!

After lunch (and my turn on the Mamba while Tom and Megan watched the little boys for a few minutes), Bart took Jack on some "big kid" rides.  He really liked the water ride.

Jackson might have loved the other big boy ride, but the Spinning Dragons were a bit too much for his 46 inch self.  When I rode it with Brennan, I'd have to say I totally agree.

Ethan catching an afternoon nap.  He slept for about an hour!

We went back to Plant Snoppy while Bart went to ride the Patriot (Bren was too short)...needless to say, after having all that adventure in their lives, these rides were VERY baby-ish....

Brennan's least favorite ride, but I forced him to ride it b/c he forced me to ride the Mamba.

Leaving Planet Snoopy.  It might not be Disney World, but it was really fun, anyway, esp. for the younger two boys!
FINALLY HOME!  Bart managed to leave his wallet and cell phone, so we had to backtrack, adding an extra two hours to our trip!  At least we still got to eat Chick Fil A for supper, and really, let's be honest...that's what this entire days events were all about.

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