Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I am a big believer in a lot of holidays being "Hallmark" holidays...invented by the card companies to make a buck and make you feel like crap for not going all out (think did you buy a card, heart of flowers, and stuffed animal for Valentine's Day?)  I kind of believe this about Mother's Day and Father's Day as well....I think it started out as a day with good intentions, then the stores say, "Ah HA!  We can make money off of people's guilt at not thanking their parents enough through out the years!"
So, we are all left feeling like schmucks that we didn't do enough for our fathers, who are obviously wonderful and amazing.  We wonder, what in the world can we even get our father (or mother, feel free to see this as my view of both holidays) to express our deep and heartfelt love and appreciation for them?  I mean, those tulips I ordered my mom are for sure dead by now, cards get thrown away, and chocolates, well, while that is good in theory, my dad is a diabetic.  Tools?  He's got 'em?  A book?  He's got a room of them.  A picture?  (Maybe...I am still thinking this through)

Bart was easy.  He wanted a video game.  I told him too bad, he had a $25 limit.  He bartered some other stuff and got the difference.  Done deal.  I didn't even have the boys make him cards.  Isn't that their Sunday School teacher's jobs?  That is sure my nursery lesson for tomorrow!  LOL
I have been thinking about what to do for my dad.  He and my mom recently visited and this the ONLY picture I got of the visit!  They did SO much for our family, and we are so grateful for them and their skills and knowledge.  My dad took the boys to a ball game which they all (even Bart) really loved and he created a great memory.  My mom took me shopping (we found her some fabulous wedding event dresses and one for me, too!).  My parents are letting us "borrow" their dog for a month so we can see if a dog is a good fit for our family (note, it is not really for the parents, and our votes equal 99.9% of the total voting powers :) )
So, what is a girl to do?  Steal her future sister in law's idea of course!  Take her daddy on a date to show him how much she cares!  Oh, yeah, I think I will totally rock this Hallmark Holiday!!!  (We will schedule this soon)

So, here I will publicly thank both Bart and my dad for being such great dads.  One day I think Bart should let me write him out a guide on how to do it even better (HAHAHAHA) and I will let my dad edit that book and add his own forward as well...but overall, Bart is a great dad to the boys and a great support to me.

As for my word for you folks (because we all know what  a sentimental sap I am)  awesomesauce.
(Did you think I was serious about being sentimental?  I just told you I think this nice holiday to honor our parents is the brainchild of "big business".  Oh, and in 1998, when I was watching Titanic for the first (and only all the way through) time, I totally laughed during the Rose/Jack/freezing water/dying people "NEVER LET GO" in the movie theater)  Anyway, thank you.  For being a good role model to me (and my husband).  For working so hard and letting the boys be your shadow whenever we visit so they can learn to work hard.  And for being a supportive and loving father.

And to Bart, thank you for the video game parties, bug collecting, and smoking lessons.  I know the boys will remember those moments (and if not, they can read my blog and learn about them...or see them in scrapbooks....just doing my parts to seal the deal on how awesome we are as parents...that is why I don't scrapbook the hot sauce moments, the parent fails or the melt downs ;) ) and feel the same pressure as I do to find an awesome present...and fail as I do each year.

3 Words to brighten my day:

thecaillouets said...

I made daddy a coupon for a daddy daughter date to! Nothing thought about getting him was "just right" but I do love spending time with him!

PapaJeff said...

Thanks, girls! I love you both, and appreciate what great daughters and Mamas you both are.

Oh, Jessie - you might want to clarify that those are "meat-smoking lessons:)!!!

Jess said...

COPY CATS!!!! Love you guys!