Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost Two

Do you know what I love about almost being two years old?

Not picture taking time, that is for sure.  Gone are the days (for a bit) of just sitting Ethan somewhere and taking as many pictures as I'd like of him.

And not meal time...Ethan is suddenly trying to become a picky eater.

Not bath time is over time...he screams so much because he loves to take a "BAT BAT BAT"!!!

But, I sure do love the BIG OPEN MOUTHED sloppy kisses he runs up and gives me.
And I love the way he is FINALLY learning to use words and says "BYE BYE DADDY!" as we are driving on the road to Bart's work.  When he doesn't have a word (still most of the time) and really wants something, I actually think it is quite adorable to have him find me and gently tug my hand until I follow him, holding hands, so he can show me what he wants.  (Usually that tug leads to the kitchen where he points to the pantry and babbles and fusses...but I don't give in and give him snacks whenever he wants, though...)
I love how he is learning to love his brothers.  If they are outside, he is outside.  If they are playing video games, you better believe Ethan will have a controller in his hand, too.  I love the complete adoration and devotion he has for them right now.

Finally, I love the way he smiles when I come into his room after naptime to "rescue" him from his bed.  His smile says he's all mine, and I will take it.

So, the next time I am having a really bad day with this little dude, I have documentation of a few things I love.  I'll remember those things and the fits, tantrums, no listening, pooping in his diapers won't seem quite as bad, right?  (FYI:  of course he poops in his diaper, we aren't potty training, but man, those still seem as if he does them on purpose to punish me for some unknown crime.  I mean, if he'd wait just 1/2 an hour, DADDY could change them once in a while.  lol)

2 Words to brighten my day:

Crissy said...

Looks like E man is starting to slim out. AND.. in the last picture I think he looks a lot like Jackson.

Oh.. and our kids totally aren't turning 2. It's a big old lie! We're being punked! Right? RIGHT?!!

Dawne said...