Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love Hate Fall

Oh Autumn, How I love thee.  I love the crisp days, the crunch of the leaves, the relief of the heat of the summer.
Oh, How I hate thee.  I hate the fact that Autumn is far too short.  Sure, I know that each season supposedly is about the same amount of time on the calendar, but we all know the "good" seasons (spring and fall) are gone before we even get to enjoy it enough.
I love the excitement in the air...the upcoming holidays, the football, the good foods.
I hate the nagging in the back of my mind that winter is coming and snow, and cold, and ice...and that the lovely fall colors, the deep orange, brilliant yellow, crisp red...will be gone.  Replaced by grey, slug, and the occasional beautiful crisp clean white with blue skies...those days are nice.  But then the slug comes along and ruins a beautiful scene.
I also love to crunch leaves.  We walk to school more so we can crunch, crunch, crunch as we go.
So, while I will enjoy these gorgeous fall days, I will also enjoy each day with trepidation...will tomorrow be the last day warm enough to play outside?  Will the first snow come earlier this year?  All these questions are in the back of my mind...
And that is why I love/hate Autumn.

Oh, and what gives, why two names?  I hate that,'s fickle.  Just pick one name and stick with it!

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Anonymous said...

I so love Fall/Autumn, too! It is too short! And the two names? I soooooooo agree - it's like meeting someone you know and can't get their name straight - even though you know it! LOL