Thursday, February 11, 2010

PUJ Bathtubs

"Baby bath time was never so easy or safe than with the PUJ baby bathtubs." (from site)

The baby bath tubs by PUJ are by far the smartest bath invention I've seen around for babies. The big plastic tubs are so bulky, slippery, uncomfortable and dangerous...well, mine was because I may have used it on my kitchen cabinet a time or two...pretty high up for an itty bitty baby. Oh, and did I mention old fashioned? Other then color changes and making them bigger, they really haven't changed in ages.

PUJ bathtubs are sleek, slip free, comfortable and safe. And a brand new idea! Instead of having to put a H.U.G.E tub somewhere, whether it be the floor, the bathtub, the sink, and fill it up with water, the PUJ tub goes straight into your sink (kitchen, bathroom, wherever, you decide)...give it a few quick bends/snaps and it is in shape and ready to go. When bathtime is done, just a quick snaps and it is flat and ready to be stored in a closet, the shower, wherever is out of the way and convenient for you.I love how easy it was to fold up and unfold. It's simple, too. I loved how safe I felt my baby was and how little room it took to store...the boys bathtub took up WAY too much room in our bathroom, always being in the way, never having a spot to call it's own. This is a tub I wish I'd had in 2003...I'd never have wanted another tub again if I had.

So, if you are in the market for a new baby bath tub, or have a baby shower to go to...I suggest checking out the PUJ baby bath tubs. For only $39.99 you will be giving yourself (or a lucky friend!) a great gift!

Oh, and don't forget...I have a PUJ sling and I love it. I still use it with works great now that he is older then when I first mentioned it. :)

***I recieved a PUJ tub to test. I was not paid for my opinion and seriously think it is the best tub out there!!!!***

2 Words to brighten my day:

Angelkris said...

What in God's name has happened to that baby doll?

Jessica said...

it's not my doll, nor did i take the pictures. i forgot to take pictures before i gave this to my friend who has a new baby.