Friday, February 26, 2010

EcoSMART Home & Garden Pest Control

I want to grow a garden. Each year I plant something I think will be yummy to eat, and each year, a bug eats it instead. The bug never says thank you, either. I've checked out pesticides at Home Depot, but because I want to EAT the food, I balk at the thought of spraying these poisons to keep bugs at bay on it.

However, I am going to be using EcoSMART home and garden pest control this spring. I am able to review the Garden Insect Killer, Garden Fungicide, Weed and Grass Killer (do you think my neighbors would mind if instead of cutting the grass I just killed it???) and Insect Repellent (that bottle is going with us to LA for sure this summer!).

I am excited to use this line of products because this is a line of organic insecticide products. Safe to use around children and pets...non-toxic. Environmentally safe and works fast! I am always hesitant to spray pest control (let's group weeds in to the category of pests) because of the chemicals I am putting into the earth...where our water and food come from! I don't let the boys outside in the backyard to play for a day or two after I spray weed killer in the cracks in our lovely concert patio area (never buy a house in the winter when it is covered in snow and all pics. are shown of house covered in snow.). That just isn't fair for them.

With this line of home and garden pest control, I will be more relaxed and not worried they will get sick from the toxicity of the "other" pest controls.

One more thing, for all four organic insecticides I received to review, the total price is only $26...just one bottle (same size) of weed killer that makes me freak out about poisoning our water and my children is like $10!

Who knows...maybe I will even actually succeed in my desire to plant, grow, and harvest carrots and strawberries...maybe...

This discovery is solely based on my opinions. I was not paid to write this review though I did receive a set of organic insecticides for my personal use this spring. Pictures courtesy of EcoSMART's website and blog.

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