Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adventures in Cloth Diapering...#11, Visiting Grandparents

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go.
The Kia Rondo knows the way to carry the...well, you get the idea. We went on a trip.

The boys and I drove to Louisiana to visit while Bart was away on a business trip. I was hesitant to use cloth diapers, but I knew we'd be near a washer the entire trip and figured it would be fine.

While traveling with the boys, I used excited as Lexi was to have us come visit (I can't believe not a single picture was snapped.) for a few hours, I think she might have threw up in her mouth a little if I said, "Oh, by the way, I've got a few #2's I need to shake in your toilet. Then, let me just do a quick rinse in your washer so it's okay until I get to Grandma Cupcake's house."
Yeah...that's just bad manners.

So, disposables for the drive. That's okay. There was this one diaper and I am VERY glad I could throw that bad boy in the trash and leave it in Oklahoma, along with about $5 in toll fees.

When we arrived at my parents house, I discovered a big box of Huggies waiting for Ethan's bum to come make dirty. (Thanks Daddy!) So, while I've been here, I've used a combination of disposables and cloth diapers. It's worked out well. For church on Sunday, he wore cloth because I made his dress pants and designed them to fit over a cloth diaper (I just had my mother professionally alter a shorts pattern and can't wait to share how they fit!).I've used disposables at night simply because I did not bring my larger diapers and covers. I only brought pocket diapers and super thin/absorbent inserts. I really prefer to use cover (or fleece longies) at night.

When the big boys and I went to the Mardi Gras parade, I think my parents were glad Ethan was left in a disposable diaper. Though I try to "force" my husband to support my cloth diaper addiction, I can't force or expect my parents to do the same. And I think of all the people grateful for disposibles, my younger brother, Justin, who was left with four children, three of whom had on night time diapers. Now, there was no #2 troubles, so Justin was safe, but what if...

So, using disposables when convenient and cloth when convenient has worked out great. I am glad I did not totally leave Ethan's fluff at home...I am kind of missing the cloth and can't wait to get back to using it every day.

2 Words to brighten my day:

PapaJeff said...

Honey, cloth diapers don't intimidate me at all - what do you think y'all wore when you were babies? Shaking a bit of baby poop out in a toilet is no big deal. In fact, that was one of my jobs, because Mama would get too grossed out.

Cathi said...

Just wanted to say I love the matching sweater vests! David thinks it's silly when I dress D and L alike, but I think it's cute! Glad to see I'm not the only mom out there that coordinates the kids' clothes!