Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why my blog had been abandoned...

1250 miles total (we drove a lot while in South Dakota, too)
2 great families (ours and the Grigoratos's)
1 Mt. Rushmore -1 Crazy Horse (we are NOT paying $20 to see a barely finished carving. so we turned around...I think that happens a lot)
1 Sturgis -1 motorcycle rally still had fun at Harley Davidson shop. (though it had no motorcycles)+ 4 matching teeshirts for 4 adorable boys
6 kids, 4 boys, 2 babies (one boy and one girl, who must love each other) +4 adults
401 pictures taken on my DSLR camera alone.
1 book read in 1 day {3rd Degree, my first James Patton or whoever book} (Thanks Bethany...I've started the 4th of July book, but this week is crazy, so maybe I should get #1?)
127 texts between the cars + 559 phone calls when we were driving
84 signs advertising WALL DRUG
$47 spent at Wall Drug
$47 wasted on our dinner at Wall Drug...do NOT eat there
967 stops along the way for bathrooms, gas, the Corn Palace (don't waste your time, really!)
$50 a night at a great cabin in the woods (loved it...I say stay here if you ever go!)
1 fun vacation with a family we love...can't wait for our next adventure! Well, yes I can...I still feel as if I am driving in the car! I think if I were to tell the boys we were going to be locked back in the car for a while THEY'D FIRE ME!

More pictures to come at dropshots.com/deseretdesigns. Now, I've got a boy's 6th b.day party to prepare for and a house to put in order.

3 Words to brighten my day:

-Veronica said...

I bet home never looked so good!



Anna said...

Glad you had a good time. We love driving up in the Black Hills. You didn't do Reptile Gardens? The boys would have loved it.
Welcome home!

Dawne said...

Wasn't Wall Drug gross! The water(and everything prepared with the water) tasted like rotten eggs. Ugh!