Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pick Mii

It's getting closer.

A lot closer.

This little Mii is going to be turning six...NEXT Friday! Wow!

Wii can hardly wait.

Can you?

Brennan is having a Wii Sports Birthday, and let me tell you, I am as excited about it as him. I made invitations with handcrafted paper Wii-motes on them, I just finished up the red and blue banners (Team Mii vs. Team Wii), and next week I'll make the Mii iron on transfer tee shirts and get some paper to cut out his "Happii Birthday" letters for the freshly painted dining room wall, to be surrounded by Bren's Mii friends.

Oh, did I mention I plan on making a Wii-mote birthday cake?

Seriously folks, Kate of "Jon and Kate Plus 8"gets a LOT wrong, but one this she has right is her birthday philosophy. She said something like, "They only get to turn X age once."

They do. I mean, Brennan will NEVER turn six again, Jackson will never be exactly the same age as he is today. I want them to think back and say, "Oh, yeah, remember when I turned three and we had a Cars birthday?" or "Remember when I turned seven and we had a mad scientist party? And Dad burned his eyebrows off?" The good stuff. It's all just another way to find joy in the journey.

What do you do to celebrate your children's birthdays? Do you go all out? Have a family only dinner at home? Let the birthday boy (or girl) pick a resturant?
This is Bren's first year to get to pick his own friends to invite. He got to invite 8, and so far none of them have called to cancel. I know 8 is a lot, but I am secretly hoping one will not come so there can be 2 teams of 4 for a Wii sports Tourney.

So, stay tuned...June 28th I will have a full post with pictures to go along with it...it's coming.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Lori O said...

I alway imagine having cool, creative parties like that, but so far not really. Max's birthdays have so far been swim party/BBQ and included mostly Jeff and my friends. This year (actually next month) we don't have a pool but will still probably BBQ. Max says he just wants lots of presents and a chocolate dinosaur cake with green frosting. So easy to please!

Anna said...

Your party planning skills are amazing. Can I just hire you to throw Fiona's birthday parties? :)

Cathi said...

I too tend to go all out for the kids' parties. Especially since most of the fam is close, we just do one big one with family and friends - and that gets crazy! I don't plan out games and such for D since his is in July, but A gets the whole works since I feel bad that she's right after Christmas. David always says I go overboard, but it's so much fun!

Nicole said...

That's so cool. We just got our Wii. It is so fun.
Also, I fixed the link for the free Geotrax DVD.