Friday, June 26, 2009

LSU Tigers...#1 AGAIN! and a recipe for Longhorn Gumbo

Well, the LSU Tigers did it again...They are the National Champions of BASEBALL! They rocked the College World Series this year. Bart got to go to TWO games, would have been three but some things came up and he and Brennan missed the final game (even though they had free tickets waiting for them at Will Call!!!!)

It was a lot of fun to be surrounded by baseball. We went to Fun Fest the Friday before it started and the boys still talk about meeting the LSU players (even if they were less then enthusiastic in signing autographs and we now have a Michael Jordan #23 ball, not a Ranaundo ball).

I'd have to say the one good thing about living in Omaha is the CWS. Some people's lives come to a standstill for the games, and if I could afford it, my family would go to every game. I think it would be a blast.

Now, here is a recipe I recieved from Bart's LSU crazed cousin, Kyra, though she didn't make it up (cause it was a forward). You know those cajuns, so creative in their cooking.


1. Start with some Super-Regional seasoned RICE.

2. Carefully move from the back burner in Baton Rouge to the hot stove in Omaha.

3. Add some VIRGINIA country ham—do so quickly because it doesn’t stay fresh long.

4. Season with a double dose of pig fat—RAZORBACK fat, that is.

5. Slowly bring to a boil in a heat index of 107.

6. Then slowly add LONGHORN meat—make sure meat comes from Austin, TX.

7. Cook for 11 innings on the first day.

8. Let cool for a day.

9. Then bring to a boil and blow the lid off on day 3!!

This is a tried and true recipe and one that’s sure to tantalize the taste buds of Tiger fans everywhere.

2 Words to brighten my day:

PapaJeff said...

Great post and I enjoyed the recipe. Maybe we can do it again next year:)

Unknown said...

We want to take a trip to Omaha when LSU makes it there and the kids are a little older. If you're still there when that happens we'll have to get together!