Thursday, October 1, 2009

Siliskin Glass...for the kid whose hands are as slippery as Jackson's

I love Jackson. I do with every fiber of my mommy being.
What I don't love: the messes!
He can LOOK at a cup and it will spill!
Seriously folks. He's like a walking accident.

He wants so badly to be like Brennan. Sleep in a big bed like Brennan. Wear clothes like Brennan. And of course, drink out of glasses like Brennan.

Well, Brennan never dropped and broke three cups in a week.

Brennan never had the talent of spilling cups while still five feet from it.

So, Jackson is banned to a life of drinking out of a sippy cup.

Until we got to review the Siliskin Glass. It's a real glass encased in a silicon "skin", thus creating something with texture for Jackson to grasp. It helps his slipper fingers grip and not spill.

Why silicon? Well, the mothers who created this product (and the other products on site) did some research. And the research "confirmed that silicone was indeed a magnificent
material for children due to its non-porous nature, where no bacteria could hide;
its high resistance to temperatures making it easy to boil and sterilize, and its
soft, pliable quality lends itself to multiple uses.

So, silicon skinned cups help toddlers and preschoolers transition from bottles and sippy cups while providing a safe way to protect both your child (from the possibility of broken glass and bacteria, plus it is BPA free and hypo allergenic) and the environment...their packaging is minimal and you can recycle the products! If you don't have a recycle center near you, you can send your product back to Silikids and they will recycle it for you! How cool is that? Oh, and prior to my contrary belief...the skin (which is not too hard to take off and only takes a minute to put back on) does not have to be removed before every wash...

Check out Silikids to see what all they have and if there is a store near you...they've got something for babies and toddlers alike!

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