Friday, October 30, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapering...#9, Monkey Snuggles Review

"I just got my @MonkeySnuggles fluff mail." is a phrase I read more then once on twitter from friends.
"What are MonkeySnuggles?" I asked.
Then, I went to @Mom2chunkymonky's house one day and SAW two of them.

And my mind started reeling.
Those two diapers were by far the thinnest I'd ever seen, and Megan (who's currently got lots of giveaways going on, btw) swore to their absorbency.

"But Megan", I asked, "how can they be absorbent? They are so thin!"

Well, my friends, Ethan got to test out a SUNSHINE YELLOW (yeah, the link takes you to a pink one, but you get the idea) diaper and let me tell you...I am now sold. Hook, line, and sinker.

It's not that the diaper itself is anything special. I mean, sure it's got an adorable monkey on its tag and two rows of snaps to avoid droop, and she has got some cute prints, too, but it's the inserts that give it that something special that makes them so popular with my twitter friends.

The inserts are made of bamboo fleece and super absorbent yet very thin...thin enough Ethan was able to wear his baby GAP jeans that were apparently made for babies with no booty. Yep. He wore a cloth diaper with tight blue jeans! Some CDing mama's avoid blue jeans altogether, but if you know me at all, you know blue jeans are a stable in my home.

She also sells fitted diapers, separate inserts, and some of the cutest wool longies I've ever faces on baby butts makes me smile is all I have to say :)

I am loving my Sunshine Yellow MonkeySnuggle diaper...Ethan wears it every Saturday to help support the LSU Tigers and as often as it is washed the rest of the week.

On my list of "wants", a second, third, maybe fourth MS diaper is HIGH on my list! Is it wrong to give a kid a diaper for his birthday? I don't think so! (If only she sold zebra prints...that would be perfect for Ethan's big birthday coming up!)

***This review is based soley on my opinion and nothing else. The diaper was provided by free by Monkeysnuggles.***

6 Words to brighten my day:

Monkey Snuggles Mama said...

Aww, thanks for the review! Aren't the inserts the best? My little guy has a big booty without any diaper at all, so a nice trim insert is a must around here! And yes, it's fantastic that he can wear his super cute Polo jeans. Bamboo inserts rock!

Dawne said...

I have never heard of these! Going to check them out now :)

Lexi said...

You are so brave with the CD. I am sure they have come a LONG way from when we were kids with cloth diapers but the thought of dealing with runny poo on fabric still sends shivers down my spine.

I can't even use the excuse 'If I had known about this before I had Peyton I would have tried this but now that Chloe is my last one it's too late to try it...' because you're on Ethan and trying it.

I'm hooked on right now because they send me the diapers right to my front door and I don't have to go get them. But it's the same thing for you because they show up in your mail box. So I can't really say that either! Arrggh!

Maybe I'm afraid I'll like them too much. Maybe that's the problem. And 19 buckaroos for each insert is mighty steep (even though you can rewash them). Then again, 42 dollars for each box of diapers is 'spensive and I have TWO in diapers (so between wipes, and diapers it is almost 99 dollars very other month!)

Crissy said...

I love me some Monkey Snuggles! We have 3 of her diapers and I can't wait to buy more! I had to double check on the zebra thing because I swore I thought she had one. I was wrong-o. I see no problem with giving E a diaper for his birthday. I'm pretty sure K is going to get 1 or 2 herself!

Megan R. said...

Monkeysnuggles are THE BEST! I have...4 pockets, 1 fitted and a pair of longies. And? I want more! It's a sickness!

Holly said...

I have thought about doing cloth diapers with the next baby, but haven't gotten very serious about it. Your reviews are encouraging. I just might have to give it a try with baby #3.