Friday, October 9, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapering, part 7, bedtime

I have been very hesitant to jump on the cloth diapering at night train. I think it is funny I've held back, considering my friend started CDing just for night time and loves it. I tried and got horrible results.
Leaks, smells, a cranky baby awake way before the first signs of dawn.
It was not for me.
Then, my friend Diana sold me some Kushies brand diaper covers.
Oh. My. Goodness.
It was all I needed to get over the dread that I still needed to buy Huggies nighttime diapers (Ethan is a heavy nighttime wetter) even though I was trying so hard to CD 100% (Bart is still at 0% put on rate...just wait until we run out of those last three diapers...that will happen this weekend...stay tuned) just for the economic implications.
I stuff Ethan's diaper pretty well (no, I can't tell you name brands b/c usually it is just a prefold with a blueberry diaper that has a built in insert already) then put the diaper cover over that.
BAM! No more leaks, wet babies, cranky moms, etc.
And now, I am happy to say, I am almost at 97% full time cloth diapering! Yeah me.
I am not against disposable and will use it if no sleek diapers are clean and I want Ethan to wear a pair of jeans (though I am very excited to review for free a monkeysnuggle diaper and see how trim they are! Is that good enough for you FDC?).

Okay, so if you haven't shared with me before...feel free to share your CDing night time routines.

And stay tuned because VERY soon Bart will discover that there really is nothing scary about cloth diapering (except maybe the poop part, but I am fine with dealing with's not a huge issue to me, except when there is corn. vomit.)

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Dawne said...

next we gotta get you to try fleece and wool covers! they breath so well, and I haven't had leaks at all with them. Wool is naturally absorbent and it doesn't require frequent washing(unless there is a poop leak, lol) - I love the interlock wool pants I have for Jonas (he's my big night time wetter, hopefully he stops doing that so he can be potty trained 100% soon)

Hippie4ever said...
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Hippie4ever said...

I love Cding!!! I have not yet found a bullet proof method of preventing nightime leaks ( or any leaks when my son is lying down). Best luck so far have been BG's AIO and Fuzzibunz stuffed with Babykicks...I'll have to check out Kushies.

Dawn I've been hearing a lot about wool (and I love the fiber for sweaters and boots Mmmmmmmmmm) I don't understand why they aren't required to be washed often though?....

Megan R. said...

Jess, I hadn't even thought about this, but you should sew E a pair of fleece longies. They would work fab overnight!

We use fuzzibunz overnight, triple stuffed. The large FB insert, and thirsties fab doubler, and a newborn BG insert. Hardly ever any leaks.

Last night between 8pm and 6am, C had 20 oz of formula (not typical, he's sick, off night) and he woke up totally dry. The diaper weighed about 10 pounds, but he was dry!

Rebecca1217 said...

We use fuzzibunz or smartipants overnight stuffed with loopydo and a microfleece insert. I have one diaper I keep trying to use overnight but it always leaks. It is now moving to the daytime stash now that I have two more fuzzibunz.

Dawne said...

Hippie4ever - Wool is naturally antibacterial! If you lanolize your wool (whether interlock, crocheted, or knitted) it's even better. I wash mine in the sink with a liquid wool wash I ordered from Northern Essence, that has the lanolin premixed in it, but there are tons of recipes and tutorials online about how to make your own, really easily. I just like the fancy scents, like sugar cookie and ginger snap :)