Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Red Barn...not worth the trip, but lunch was fun

The Little Red Barn is located a few miles west of mom's group went there for a special Friday play date. After being there for about twenty minutes, Jackson was done. He kept begging to go.

He rode a pony, which he liked a lot and talked about all weekend, and petted a rabbit, goat, and donkey, but was overall unimpressed. Ethan liked the straw, but was not really interested in anything did make for a fun photo op, though.

The owners were really was just a smaller then I expected venue. I am glad I decided to not keep Brennan out of school to go.

After The Little Red Barn, we headed to Camille's for lunch with friends. Their chicken salad sandwich is super yummy and I really wish I'd ordered a bowl of soup to go with it. Oh, well, there is always next time.

After TLRB and lunch, my friend Megan and I decided to go check out a few quilt shops to see if we could find some fabrics we were looking for. The first shop we went to (well, the only one) had exactly the print we needed, plus a few others. The employees were so nice and helpful, too...I am sure we will be going back, taking lessons, and signing up for a Friday night session as well. Go check out Sew Creative today. Their selection is small but the prints they have are great.

And...go check out my new etsy shop...full of Christmas prints and a growing collection of boys only prints for tees.

That reminds me...I didn't add the prints I got at Sew Creative to my shop! I better go do that now.

4 Words to brighten my day:

Lexi said...

Hey, lunch can make or break a trip in my eyes. ;-0

If the food isn't good...then it's just a total waste of time!


Checked out your etsy shop today. Fun! I'm loving the xmas trees print and the snowman print too. I'll probably put in an order next month (if Troy doesn't use up all of the money to buy himself a man-car!)

ellemenopii said...

I am glad I didn't go...I was stressed that I had missed something BIG and fantastic! :) Plus, I am sure I would have been surveying the place to decide if I needed to call the SPCA on them or not. Checking out the condition of the ponies and such.....watching too much animal precinct will do that to a person!
I am loving your etsy shop. Loving the new fabrics!

Sarah said...

Cute pics - I debated going but didn't think Mia would mind missing it - I guess I was right..LOL

Can't wait for the Sew Creative classes!!!!

Lori said...

They are SO helpful, aren't they? I'm glad Jack is starting to recover. Did he have anything besides a fever?