Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Snow Day? Wait, what? It's OCTOBER!

These pictures were taken Thursday night. It was a tiny bit chilly, but not cold...I mean, Jackson had on no shoes and he was fine.
Then, Friday came and the weather was just dandy. I walked to Brennan's school that afternoon with no problems.
I was awoken to Jackson declaring "THERE's SNOW MAMA!" had snowed.


Bart took the boys sledding and let them play in the snow some. Me? I stayed inside with Ethan, where we were nice and warm.

It snowed some this morning (mixed with rain) but now it is just chilly. They say it will warm up a bit again before winter comes. I sure hope "they" are right.

What kind of weekend did you have?

7 Words to brighten my day:

Lori O said...

totally jealous!! it's still upper 80s here. we'll be in shorts until at least November this year i think.

Lexi said...

No snow here! It is cool at night though. Enough for a feather comforter on the bed, pajamas, socks and a robe on top of the bed (like an extra blanket).

Peyton decided he didn't want to go to bed on Saturday and tried to leap out of bed. He bit it good- all the way through the skin beneath his lips making a nice little hole in his face.

Yeah, he's going to have a good liitle scar. He's got a nice scuff from the bottom of his lip down to his chin. Awesome.

Chloe's been teething and screaming and we had to give a talk at church on Sunday. So that's how OUR weekend was (can you hear the joy and sunshine in my voice? J/K)

I can't believe you have snow already! That is crazy! Guess you's better make sure those Mario Bros. are warm on Halloween! :-0

Abby said...

Yuck! We have had some flurries lately but no real snow yet. It is just way too early for this. We were wearing shorts a couple of weeks ago and now we are lucky to see 40 degrees!

Jeni said...

It was kinda chilly here too on Saturday and Sunday. We went to Shreveport for an Imagination Movers concert. When we got there we had to stop and buy Aaron a jacket. Luckily Cal and I had some in the car already.

Brooke said...

The snow was kind of pretty and made it a good day to stay in and snuggle with the family!

Dawne said...

The snow really through a wrench in our plans! I also had the added bonus of just telling Jonas that Christmas would be here when there was snow on the ground a few days earlier. That kid doesn't forget anything! He asked me about "kismess" 3,334,358,666,790 times that day! LOL

Danielle said...

Our dogs (big giant beasties) wouldn't even go out! They just stared at us with balefull eyes. Hope we get a few more nice days! Love the pics.