Friday, October 2, 2009

GOGO "Energy To Go"

Recently I got to review three pairs of GOGO's. Go whats-that?
GOGO's...healthy legwear that gives you more energy.
I got trouser socks, footless tights and regular tights.
Let me tell you...the first time I wore the footless tights, I was a bit doubtful.
The website says "The synergy of GOGO, with high-end microfiber yarns and Lycra not only give you natural energy, it makes you feel fabulous! The product fits scientifically to aid in the prevention of varicose and spider veins. The addition of Lycra yarns provide a slimming effect and increase the durability of GOGO, so it lasts longer.

Your natural movement while wearing GOGO helps to improve circulation and reduce swelling."

Okay. So. I wore the footless tights to a baby shower I was co-hosting...not only did I get a ton of compliments about my butt looking really good (and it was a girls only shower :) but I actually did feel good.

I am always worried about varicose veins and while I can't look at my legs and say, "Why yes, yes these GOGO socks did help stop varicose veins from forming on my legs." I can say I believe that they will be helpful in keeping them at bay. I wish I'd had some when I was pregnant...they say they help with swelling and I had problems with that from time to time.

So, go over to GOGO and take a look for yourself. They are designed BY women FOR women. In my opinion, that automatically makes them something worth trying out. When men get in the process of designing things to help women, I just feel like they don't listen and do what they want to do.

So, go know you want to. Come back here and tell me what you think. If you decide to order a pair, leave me a comment telling me your end results when you get to test them out for yourself. You won't be sorry you tried them. I'm not. (Esp. when I get all those booty compliments, an added bonus for wearing them!)

2 Words to brighten my day:

Danielle said...

Those things look awesome! I've got to track down a pair. Hopefully they'll make me happier than the spanx I splurged on...

Brooke said...

Do we get to see a picture?!