Thursday, October 1, 2009

Joshua Bell C.D. Review

Did you know that my mom, brother, and sister were all in an orchestra a while back?
They were.
Who would've thought such a tiny town (St. Joseph) would have one? They weren't all that bad, either.

Listening Joshua Bell brought back a memory of passing out programs before a performance. I was a senior. That's all I remember about it, though.

If you like classical music, this is for you...the thing I liked about it was that some of the songs had singing, too, so you get your music and can sing it, too.

It's a very calming c.d. so maybe I will put it in when my kids are being naughty in the car...maybe it will chill them out?

Anyway, Joshua will be on The Tonight Show tomorrow night, so go check him out. You might find a new artist to add to your I-pod.

If you listen and decide you like Joshua, you can check out his fan page or facebook page.

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