Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Coveted BackPack

Remember a while back I told you Brennan was getting a new backpack in the mail?
Well, when it came, I had two very excited boys on my hands.
I mean, what is NOT to like about a LEGO man fire hero backpack that can snap in the front?
Both boys wanted to wear it.
That second.
But, alas, Brennan won and it is his for school.
Darth Vader was beat up and needed to be retired.
He still goes to school every Friday because he is bigger then Fire Hero bag and lots of papers and goodies come home on Friday.
CSN Stores have got a little bit of everything, so next time you are searching for that certain something, check them out. I had not seen a LEGO backpack before, so I know Brennan will be the only kid at school with this particular bag, thus eliminating the confusion of "Is that GI JOE backpack yours or mine?" in the cafeteria when he eats breakfast at school.
Thanks CSN for letting us review a product my boys really love.

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